The time is now

to learn to integrate your work and personal life

for fulfillment and success! 

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Welcome to my Home Page!

Life is full of twists and turns, change is ever accelerating, and the lines between our work and personal lives are becoming increasingly blurred.  It doesn't seem that the old rules work anymore.  The prevailing wisdom taught professionals to always keep their work and personal challenges separate.  And we can achieve work/life balance if we just practice rigorous planning and time management.  So, how is that approach working for you? 

The way I see it playing out is that everything is personal.  Our personal challenges affect our work and vice versa.  And with respect to work/life balance, there is no such thing.  Life is messy and full of surprises.  Success and thriving come from going with the flow and choosing in the moment where to focus our energy.  It's more like a dance than walking a balance beam.

So, if you agree that:

·       Yes, the lines between my work and personal life are blurred…it’s all personal!

·       Yes, there is no such thing as work/life balance, so I want to learn to navigate the twists and turns in the moment.

·       Yes, I’m finding myself in the “dance”, but perhaps a little off-beat.


Then, I would be pleased to partner with you to find the right steps and rhythm. Contact me today for a FREE INTRODUCTORY SESSION to explore the possibilities or read on to learn more.