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I work with clients at all levels and from various industries, types of organizations and geographic locations.  Here’s a sample of the value my clients have received from coaching:

Vice President, Global Business Unit

Harvette coached and mentored me for several years and many roles. I could always count on Harvette for candid feedback and constructive advice to improve my effectiveness. I greatly valued Harvette's advice and guidance. She was a great asset in my career development.

Managing Director, Global Raw Materials Purchasing

I’ve worked with Harvette in one capacity or another for over a decade now. Harvette was one of the rare and welcomed constants for me as I moved across several businesses in numerous roles over my career. I’ve had countless feedback and coaching sessions with Harvette and I always found her insights to be relevant, well-grounded, candid and, most importantly, confidential. I’ve also had direct experience with Harvette’s facilitation of the New Leader Acclimation process which I believe was invaluable in accelerating my integration and, ultimately, my success in a number of roles from global account management to general business management. I whole-heartedly believe that anyone from the shop floor to the C-suite could benefit from Harvette’s guiding hand and I would recommend her services without reservation.

Business Manager, Latin America

I worked with Harvette during my transition to a new General Management role in a U.S. based company.  I found her to be an experienced executive coach, good listener and clear communicator.  She coaches from a business perspective to ensure actions are aligned with strategic objectives and remain focused on delivering results. She synthesized candid feedback from my manager and delivered it diplomatically.  She also helped me to find productive approaches to cross-cultural differences and facilitated our conversations to enable new insights and ideas.  I found my engagement with her to be very productive.

Commercial Director, Colombia/Ecuador

As a new general manager of an acquired business unit outside the U.S., I have benefitted greatly from my coaching with Harvette.  She helped me to better understand the new organization culture, then put together a plan to empower and develop my team to adapt to higher expectations for accountability and performance.  She also helped me to realize the value of networking and building alliances across the other business units and staff functions within the organization.  The manager feedback process was also especially helpful.  I was thankful for the opportunity to work with Harvette.

Vice President, Business Unit in Americas

I recently hired Harvette to work with two new employees in management roles that came from the outside. I was interested in Harvette working with them to help them navigate the culture of our business and give them meaningful direction on their career path. Harvette did an outstanding job of getting the new employees aligned with the company’s goals. She also was very helpful at encouraging them to establish short-term and mid-term goals that will help them deliver on their key accountabilities. The managers were extremely pleased with the guidance they received from Harvette. I was extremely pleased with how well Harvette was able to get the managers focused and moving forward toward running a successful business.

Manager Sales Operations, Global Business Unit

I engaged a coach to help me figure out how I could more fully leverage my current role to establish myself as a key contributor to the organization and as someone who has the ability to contribute in a variety of ways now and into the future.  Our work was focused, relevant and practical.  Harvette listened deeply to what I was saying and reflected back in a way that provoked new perspectives for moving forward I hadn't considered before.  She helped me to validate and shape my ideas and moved me away from tactics to strategy.  Her questions helped me to defne the strategies I needed to build and nurture relationships with senior leadership and enable me to make a broader impact on the organization.  She helped me to realize the value of on-going proactive communications and seeking out new and different points of view.  She helped me to realize that it is up to me to seize the opportunities, and I now have a blueprint to continue to build my influence going forward, both for the benefit of the organization and my own professional development.

Senior Research Chemist

While Harvette mentored and coached me, she asked the difficult questions that helped me truly discover what I wanted to do with my talents. Then she helped focus that realization into an action plan that has helped me take the right steps. It has been a win for both the organization and me, since this process has enabled me to more effectively contribute to the bottom line.

Managing Director, Classical Theatre

Harvette coached me through a transition to a new leadership role and helped me identify how I can best bring value in my new role. I am extremely pleased with the results that included clarifying responsibilities, defining and implementing a new organization structure to optimize performance and identifying opportunities to continue to further develop my artistic desires and leadership potential. She is an excellent listener and enabled me to synthesize my thoughts, ideas and desires into actionable items. I cannot say enough about Harvette’s skills and would recommend her services to anyone seeking leadership transition, business performance and/or career development coaching.

Human Resources Manager

Working with Harvette as a coach was an exceptionally rewarding experience this past year. Harvette afforded me the opportunity to openly examine the most effective ways in which I am able to manage challenging situations. Harvette increased my willingness and capacity to be more honest with myself. Without judgment or platitudes, Harvette approached each session with clarity, sincerity and thoughtfulness. Our sessions prompted me to be more introspective, evaluate options, and most importantly, take responsibility to make positive changes. I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her.

Principal, Marketing & Outreach Business

Harvette was extremely helpful and forthright in our professional coaching sessions. She worked with me to bring focus to my professional strategic priorities and to create a tactical career path. While she is personable, she is direct and very analytical during the coaching process. The strategy coaching continues to help me in my career 2 years later. It's almost as if she perched herself on my shoulder and continues to guide me. She knows how to function at the highest professional strategic level while being personable and caring. I hold her in the highest regard and would rate Harvette in the highest level of professional integrity based on my experience with her.

CEO, Non-Profit, Sydney, Australia

Harvette was my coach for 12 weeks. I found my sessions with her to be very valuable. Sometimes they were tough and confronting, but always rewarding and empowering. Harvette was very engaging and personable, I felt instantly comfortable talking with and exploring challenging professional issues with her. I could not recommend her more highly. Thank you for the impact that your coaching has made on both my professional and personal life, Harvette.

Registered Nurse, New England Area

When I began coaching with Harvette, I was at a critical stage of my life.  I felt overwhelmed by the new changes coming my way, having just graduated from nursing school and looking forward to the prospects of passing my boards, finding my first nursing position and living on my own.  Coaching helped me to overcome the normal anxiety associated with these big milestones by providing a safe place to reflect, develop new insights, and identify actions to keep me moving forward.   Harvette was a great listener, and she asked the questions that made me think, gave me the time to think, stayed neutral and objective, and kept me accountable to take the next steps.  As a result, I am pleased to share that I accomplished all of the goals I set at the beginning.  Most importantly, by working with Harvette, I now feel more confident in my ability to do my own self-reflection and come up with solutions on an on-going basis.  I found coaching with Harvette to be a very positive experience, and I highly recommend her for anyone going through times of change or new beginnings.