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Services & Pricing

*I have a flexible portfolio of coaching options for individuals and organizations.  I invite you to review the options and decide what might be the best fit for you.

For Individuals - "No Frills" Process & Pricing

For individuals, I offer a “no frills” coaching process and pricing model.  This process is for you if you are an individual who wants to quickly get to the root of a challenge and have maximum flexibility in customizing the coaching according to your needs and timing with respect to the number and frequency of coaching sessions. This coaching process is immediately relevant, focused and practical.  My goal is to foster your confidence to move forward independently after the formal coaching process is completed.  If you have never had a coach before, it is an affordable, low risk way to try it out.

The “No Frills” coaching process starts with an initial commitment to four coaching sessions within ninety days. At the end of the four coaching sessions we evaluate progress and discuss options for continued coaching based on how you wish to continue with your development either with coaching or on your own.  There is an upfront fixed price fee of $550* for this initial phase.

After this initial coaching phase is completed, you may extend the engagement at discounted pricing or take advantage of my “Just-In-Time” approach.  JIT coaching provides the opportunity to schedule ad hoc coaching sessions to address particularly thorny challenges whenever they arise. There is no longer term contract.  You “pay as you go” by the session.  

The “No Frills” coaching process and pricing arrangement does not include any interviews, assessments, or other third party involvement (e.g. manager, HR, etc.).  And all coaching sessions are conducted either by phone or Skype. 

*2019 Pricing, subject to change

For Organizations - Customized Coaching Engagements

Coaching for Succession: 

Coaching to prepare your high potentials for senior leadership positions, including engendering the advocacy for their assuming the bigger roles.

Coaching for Engagement and Retention of High Performers: 

There’s a lot of emphasis on employee engagement and employee value propositions.  It really doesn’t have to be that complicated.  It’s all about the “relationship” between the employee and the organization.  Why not help your high performers “feel” they are valued by investing in coaching to help them find more ways to continue to grow and contribute?  

New Leader Assimilation: 

A New Leader Assimilation is a one-time facilitated session with the new leader and his or her team.  The objective is to accelerate the success of the new leader in the new role by helping the new team get to know each other, build trust and jointly identify the challenges and opportunities they are facing together as quickly as possible.  This is a customized process based on the needs of the new leader and the new team. 

Other customized coaching engagements are also available.  These engagements are designed and priced based on a requirements analysis conducted with the client and any organization sponsors. 

Please contact me if interested in discussing any of these options.